Monday, January 2, 2012

Ride Sims Game and Attraction Layouts

A new take on the theme park ride online games is called Ride Sims which puts you in control of all your favorite theme park rides & attractions. Bascially, you are put in the control room of one of nine attractions and must learn to operate the attraction by dispatching the trains in a safe and efficient manner. If you want to work in the amusement park industry this game offers some nice insight into the workings of major thrill ride.

The other neat aspect of this game is all of the attractions are real rides and include and overhead layout diagram of each one. This is great for people like me who are always trying to figure out a ride's layout or blueprint.

Here's the layout for Hong Kong Disney's Space Mountain

Dinosaur Ride Layout
Revenge of the Mummy the Ride Layout
Blackpool's Steeplechase

Try Ride Sims.

Want to learn how to design a roller coaster?

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