Friday, August 23, 2013

Read John Wardley's Book

john wardley's bookIf you're a fan of theme parks and want to know more about how attractions are designed then you must read John Wardley's book, Creating My Own Nemesis. John Wardley is the designer of several world class roller coasters including Vampire at Chessinton World of Adventures and Nemesis, Oblivion, and Air at Alton Towers. He talks about his early beginnings in the theatre, circus and magical cabaret, his time working on some of the most incredible special effects in the James Bond films (including the famous bus crash scene in Live and Let Die), and how he became associated with Madame Tussauds, the world's most famous wax museum.
If you're a fan of magic, illusions, theater production, theme park design, or roller coaster design then you simply must read this book.
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Kings Island 2014 Roller Coaster Layout

Kings Island 2014 Roller Coaster Layout

Blueprints of the Kings Island 2014 roller coaster layout have made their way onto the internet a full week before the official announcement from the park. Spoiler alert: Kings Island has already started construction on their new B&M inverted coaster, likely named "Banshee." The roller coaster is being teased as a world-record breaker, meaning it will probably be the tallest, fastest, or longest inverted coaster and possibly even have eight inversions, the most in North America. The color scheme will most likely be blue and silver. Some of the Kings Island 2014 blueprints are pictured below. Banshee's layout looks something like this:

  1. Lift hill threaded through the vertical loop
  2. Right side curving drop
  3. Dive loop
  4. Vertical loop around the lift hill
  5. Zero-g roll
  6. Overbanked turn
  7. Batwing element (2 inversions)
  8. Vertical loop number two
  9. Turnaround
  10. Another barrel roll
  11. Helix
  12. Flatspin/corksrew into the final brakes

2014 kings island roller coaster

If you look closely at the blueprints you can see the footers of two defunct roller coasters: Son of Beast, where Banshee is being built, and the old stand-up coaster King Cobra. As an added bonus, here's an overhead picture of Adventure Express' layout.