Monday, April 23, 2012

Wing Coaster Design

We're just now seeing an onslaught of new wing coaster designs opening this year with four of them from B&M (including the fabulous Wild Eagle at Dollywood). There have been wing coaster design concepts around for a long time. Check out this airplane concept from 2007. This design is a literal wing coaster as the seats are on the sings of an airplane.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Amusement Park Ticket Price Per Coaster

There are a lot of variables that go into amusement park entrance ticket pricing but from the viewpoint of a roller coaster enthusiast – someone only going to the park to ride the coasters – might look at the ticket price as cost per coaster. I decided to do a little quick research and proceeded to go to a few amusement park web sites to see what their one day ticket price at the gate is and then went to RCDB to confirm how many roller coasters they have. I charted out the results shown above (I use Excel spreadsheets a lot).

A few interesting notes from my research:

  • Six Flags has an affiliate program with 5% commission for selling park tickets. Very smart. Why don’t more parks do this (or maybe they do and I've never heard about it before?)
  • Six Flags has one of the harder websites to find out how to buy tickets while Kings Island was by far the easiest.
  • Holiday World has the highest cost per coaster while Cedar Point has the lowest.
  • I omitted the heavily themed parks such as Disney and Universal for obvious reasons (extremely high cost per coaster).
  • Lagoon Park seems to be pretty good value as it's the same price as Holiday World but offers 5 more coasters. That is until you actually see the roller coasters that they do have to offer.
Of course this is just all fun and games as I stated to begin with there are many other factors which go into ticket prices like what other perks are included - water parks, parking, soft drinks, world class shows, etc. At the same time, those folks complaining about how expensive Cedar Point is need to realize that Cedar Point is very affordable compared to other parks as well as alternative forms of entertainment.