Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The biggest Ferris wheel is…

...revealed in my updated book, The 50 BiggestFerris Wheels Ever Built.

I self-published my first book, Observation Wheels, over two years ago. In that time, the big wheel landscape has change significantly. Projects have been cancelled, other amazing plans announced, and the United States suddenly has two of the top five tallest observation wheels in the world.

To keep up with all the exciting news, I’ve re-launched my book, both as an update and a re-branding. It’s now under the title of The 50 Biggest Ferris Wheels Ever Built.

Besides the obvious, you’ll also learn about:

-Who invented the Ferris wheel
-Ferris wheel history
-The difference between a Ferris wheel and an observation wheel
-Unique and unusual Ferris wheels
-How the fire department may influence the wheel’s design
-Where the biggest Ferris wheels are located