Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cedar Point 2013 GateKeeper Layout

The layout for Cedar Point's 2013 record breaking wing coaster has leaked online a day before the official announcement. GateKeeper will be large and in charge at the front of the park. This will be B&M's fifth wing coaster built in three years and will be the world's tallest, fastest, and longest. The official announcement is scheduled for 3:30pm EST tomorrow (Monday, August13). Pictured below is the Gatekeeper layout image released by the Sandusky Register and on Cedar Point's website.


  1. Cool, so the layout image above was also posted on CP's website? I hadn't seen that yet!!

    1. Yeah, there were some images posted on their website ( but has since been taken down.

      Also, this will be the first wing coaster with trains 8 cars long. More capacity, yay!

    2. No, X-flight at Six Flags Great America has trains that are 8 cars long.

    3. Aw, you're right. I thought it only had 7 like Wild Eagle. My bad.


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