Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HersheyPark 2012 Viral Marketing Campaign Update

 HersheyPark has launched another massive online viral campaign for their new 2012 roller coaster. Everything is pretty much spelled out up to this point here:

Here's the information on the actual ride that is all but confirmed at this point:

Height: 212
Angle of first drop: 85 degrees

Color codes:
"pastel blue" (supports)
"traffic yellow" (tracks)
"Night Blue" (train)Hershey trademarked the name "SkyRush" (although this is not the "confirmed" name quite yet). There is also a heavy military-type theme shaping a "test pilot" type feel.

Possible layout?

Also, a fuzzy image the coaster was released, and it essentially looks like a mini I305. It seems there is still a rumor that it could be a wingrider-style ride, although my bet is on a standard sit-down coaster. 

A new clue was released today revealing the message: In the end only 4 will ride. Looks like this is a contest to be the first to ride the new coaster. Can't wait to see the final layout renderings (though I hope they hold off on those until a little while after vertical construction has begun. I love trying to figure out the layout just from the pictures of the footers). Figure out the next clue for yourself:

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  1. Hard to tell on paper what it'll be like, but that angle of first drop is a doozie!


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