Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cedar Point Ridership Chart 1996-2008

Have you ever wondered how many people have rode Millennium Force in one year? Cedar Point used to post on their website the number of riders each of their major rides had given every year for a couple of seasons. I believe they have unfortunately stopped posting this information but fortunately for us a few roller coaster enthusiasts have captured the data before it was taken down and put together an Excel spreadsheet chart for us to analyze.
One thing to note is the numbers for the train ride. I believe the peaks are when the park was utilizing two trains at one once instead of just one on those busiest of days. I am predicting Ocean Motion's ridership will increase this season due to its new placement at the front of the park. It's nice to see Top Thrill Dragster's performance has constantly been improving. I think the park's peak attendance was 3 million guests and has slowly been on the decline ever since.
What trends do you notice?

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