Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Under Development

It seems as if work may have finally started on the long-awaited Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 (RCT4) game. The company has started a thread on its forums asking members what they want to see in the next installment in the popular game series. We suggest you share your thoughts so that they can improve upon the last game. If you don't feel like registering on the Atari website (I don't blame you), post your suggestions using our comment system below and we'll pass them along! We'll keep you updated on any new developments, such as when a release date for RCT4 is finally set. No word yet if Chris Sawyer is involved either.

What would I like to see in Roller Coaster Tycoon 4? I'd like to see the game return to its roots. RCT2 was the best of the series, so I'd like the game to revert back to that format. Basically, just take the same RCT2 game and add more stuff. More flexibility with custom layouts, better landscaping shaping and forming tools, more rides, shops, and theme elements. What do you think?

How to Design a Roller Coaster

Update 7/12/12: A new website has popped which you can follow to get all the latest information on the RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 release date.


  1. I wants this features added to RCT4:

    -Up to >20 kinds
    -Can be curves
    -Any kinds of bend and many more...

  2. There are things in RTC3 that were good; but your right. RTC2 was the best in the series; but If I got play RTC2 now after playing RTC3 for song long It just kinda feels weird. I'd say better UI interface and controls. I dont think they did controls and UI correct when they made the game 3D. Remove lag and lock the game at 30FPS Min. Im running RTC3 on a gaming computer and the game lags at nighttime.

  3. i want catwalks and realistic stations. Plus keep the onboard camera mode and add a lot more rollercoasters an other cool stuff

  4. I want that you can add an extra train on a rollercoaster without closing the attraction. Now you must close your rollercoaster to add a extra train and all the people that are waiting are now gone.
    In real life they can also add a extra train without closing the attraction so I hope the same in Rct4!!

  5. I would like to see RCT4 on other formats like PS3 and Xbox 360

  6. More diverse people. I would like to see different heights. Also, a feature where we can set height restrictions for rides. I once made a mini roller coaster, and very few kids went on it, mostly adults and teenagers. Also, I want to alter flat rides. I also find the concept of guests having to follow a path, I want to let the guests wander as they please.

  7. I may be thinking to far ahead but idk how versatile designers can actually be, personally for me id love to see it all...... Realistic stations and train loading for roller coasters, transfer tracks for adding new trains and dual stations, more flat rides, realistic supports, better paths, more realistic game play(whatever time of day it is in realife thats what time it should be in the game), parks openingin the moring and closing at night. The ability to select a section of land and have an architect come in and design a ride or coaster of your choice that will fit and look perfect in the selected space, more options with custom layouts, more coaster elements, better scenery, better landscaping, already built real park rides that you can put into your parks, better looking cars for coasters and a wide variety of looks for trains and monorails, the ability to put like water gun games and wack a mole games and ring toss games (etc.). i would really want to see a game with all of that, it wouldreally be incredible

    1. There should also be more customization for flat rides

  8. I want rct4 to have really good graficks and keep the coaster cam.Also i want rct4 to have more realistic stations and i would like the rides to come with pre build scenery like build indoor roller coasters and just make things look more realistic.Also it would be really cool if you could have a website where ppl can post there custom scenery and it will be even more cooler if u had real life fides like revenge of the mummy and six flags and harry potter THE HULK OMG THIS WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!!

  9. I wouldn't mind seeing more themes like they done in the first one Alton Towers and Blackpool maybe they should do this again and maybe a few others around the UK and the world like Thorpe Park and Bush Gardens Florida stuff like that everyone likes a real life Theme Park from the world we live in. But I'm sure what ever they do will more likely beat the passed RCT how about Expansion Packs with Theme parks from around the world so if people want theme parks like that they can go out and by the expansion.

  10. wel for me is it all the same but i want it to be realistic and something like a lab or inventing part where you can research new kinds of coasters eating stands ,....... and more room to build could be a good thing i played all the others and i still have fun whit them but whit all that new grafic improvement in other games i would love a new one :p i have high hopes and i am gone buy it i know i will be happaly suprised :)

  11. oh 2nd one i wanne see restaurants :) or something in those and real stores for an example making like a rest park where they can buy food and stuff :)

  12. oh and third that the coasters really need time to build up not taking a coaster and boom its stands there :)

  13. I want to see some kind of system that allows tracks to be built at any angle, not just 45 degree increments on the ground and 15 45 and 90 degree drops. any level of banking would be nice too

  14. I play this game as a stress reducer, im attacking anxiety and depression and this game is a blessing to me.
    I love this game!!

  15. I totally agree that RCT2 was the best...I hate the way they made RCT3 all cartoony and it actually took away from the game in my opinion. I would just like to see more ride choices and things of that nature. I actually liked the on board ride view that RCT3 had and hopefully they can find a way to incorporate that with the old RCT2 format. If not just make the game much more realistic than the last one.

  16. I agree they should make the graphics like RCT 2 but also be able to ride the rides with the cam view. Make it so you can make any tpe of track you want like on Ultimate ride, Theme Park, or No Limits. I hate how you have to use the track pieces it says in the game. Allow to add trains to a coaster without closing the ride. Have the option to have people either pay per ride or buy and all day pass or wristband and also have an annual pass. Have mure Disnet type themed rides like where you can build like a indiana jones type ride, more flat rides. More theming to coasters and cars, if they do go with the graphics like RCT# make the peeps and graphics better like smooth coaster track pieces, better looking peeps and a better peepes creator.

  17. I'd like more realistic stations and more and more options and more detailed controls.
    However i do like the in-ride camera and while some scenery and rides are better in 2, i prefer 3.
    On the other hand, what i want the most and can't do without is:

  18. I would buy RCT4 in an instant if they ever developed and released it. I would want better loading stations, better queue lines, more coasters, more variety in the type of tracks, better pathways (allow curves), etc.
    Them making an RTC4 would be epic

  19. I remember how important it was on Theme Park to have good research in order to make sure you had enough guests arriving (eventually on the really big double decker buses!). I think it would be brilliant if RCT could incorporate positioning of a park and travel links into your options, eg choose your park location on a global map and compete with other parks for guests by improving your advertising (should be more options here than there currently is eg flyers, create park website, poster campaign, TV adverts aimed at specific times/age groups, radio, newspapers coupons etc etc). You could then invest in a Sim City style zoomed out view whereby you improve the road networks to and from the nearest town or build a train station, ferry port or even airport to fly in your guests! If this then ran in real time so guests left when the park closed at the end of a day you could build Hotels (themed) in your park and put special offers on to entice them to stay for more than one day....just like real life!!! This would add much needed depth to the game. I would gladly lead this element of the project so if you are reading game developers.....please contact me! :-)

  20. To be Able to link Loundspeakers (btw i want more of those) to rids, so i can keep it from playing only when i want it. also helps themeing rides. its a nightmare trying to link it.

    also ---- lights which we can control. moving heds etc.

    Love the game!

  21. 3d and 2d modes
    walk as peeps like in theme park
    fast track
    car park
    more rides
    more shops
    more themes

  22. I agree with everybody else. Make it more realistic and less of a cartoon/fantasy as far as style. When rides go underground, make the underground more realistic.

    My preferences:
    1. More food stands/restaurants/gift shops.
    2. More rides and different attractions not shown on the previous games (obviously).
    3. I know graphics are important, but please MAKE THE MAPS BIGGER! Even when I expanded my maps before, they were still small to me.
    4. Change the way the guests look. (Don't have them all looking the same way, having the same hair, wearing the same clothes, etc.)
    5. GUEST BEHAVIOR. This is a big one! Change the guest behavior. The guests pay someone on the way into the park, change their mannerisms, and have more guests talking to each other.
    5. Provide a building where maintenance workers and repairmen can go and retrieve supplies.
    6. If continuing the water ride theme, allow the ability to change the water level of the pool (deep end/shallow end).
    7. More themes.
    8. Provide a section where inner tubes are stacked. I notice many real water parks today have stacks of inner tubes for guests to use.

    Obviously the point of my suggestions all involves realism! Make it more like a park you would see today and less like a fantasy park!

  23. Id like to see more rollercoaster/ride types, some could also be alittle unrealistic or fantasy-like. Also, a higher setting for everything, like the amount of speed you can do when you go up a hill.

  24. Id like to see a multiplayer or co-op mode. Like a LAN or Internet based game mode where you both can place tracks/rides and stuff and work in the same park at the same time. Possibly for as little as 2 players or as much as maybe 4. Too many people would get confusing. Also make the money more realistic, because rollercoasters dont cost $24,000, they cost $24,000,000. I liked the 3D idea of RCT3 and had no problemwith the UI. Maybe metter camera controls.

    Another cool thought is with your "peeps" is you could actually be able to control one, and walk around the park FPS style.

  25. Check out for the latest info!

  26. Random terrain generator for parks

  27. be able to use 'real' coasters. Love to be able to ride some of the great coasters in the world.

  28. I want to make smooth coasters like no limits. let the paths be as we please no just squares. And when peeps ride roller coasters, make the screams realistic. in roller coaster tycoon 3 the screams sound nothing like real life. Also, make the trains on coasters and stations more realistic. add smoothness to coasters, the options when you build a coaster are very limited and rough


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