Monday, September 20, 2010

What is the capacity of Dare Devil Dive coaster and Six Flags Over Georgia?

The Dare Devil Dive coaster was recently accounted as Six Flags Over Georgia addition for the 2011 season. The ride is a Gerstlauer Euro-fighter model featuring a 95 degree drop. The latest version of the Euro-fighters have featured cars which seat six riders (two in three rows). There are no trains; just single cars. The obvious reaction of the majority of the coaster enthusiast community was the ride will have horrible capacity resulting in huge lines and was a poor choice for Six Flags Over Georgia. This, of course, is the usual enthusiast bitching without anyone taking the time to look at the actual numbers. I guess I have to do everything.

Six Flags never provided the capacity but based on other similar models I think it is safe to assume a theoretical hourly ride capacity at 1000 people per hour. At a Disney park that would be awful. But this isn't a Disney park. Let's compare that to the other attractions at Six Flags. The total hourly capacity for all of the park's rides is 30,800. There are a total of 38 rides at the park. 30800/38=810. The average capacity per ride is 810 people per hour. Therefore, Dare Devil Dive will actually have a higher hourly capacity than most rides at the park. So enthusiasts, have no fear, the lines shouldn't be that long and you can get your new coaster credit. Then get back in line again.

(In case you were wondering, after the addition of Dare Devil Dive, the average capacity increases to 815 people per hour. All of these capacity numbers can be found on the internet or go to the park yourself and figure it out.)

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