Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amusement Park Operations

I should also give some back-fill to those who might not be aware of one aspect of a park's operations. On a day-to-day basis, there are down-time reports generated that cover all of a parks rides and attractions. Any time a ride is non-operational, it gets logged on a report. There are three main reasons a ride/attraction can be coded as down:

Weather is what you would expect and is the only "uncontrollable." Operational down-time is anything related to operator errors, guest issues, bio clean up, etc and gets charged against the operations department. Finally, mechanical down-time is just that, anything resulting from a mechanical, electrical, or technical perspective causing a ride to go down and is charged against the maintenance department. Using this information, the park can keep track of trends and issues pertaining to a certain ride/attraction and use it as a pro-active tool to keep the ride up and operating (preventive maintenance). Sometimes it's as simple as retraining employees if a ride has a lot of operationals or it could mean closer examination of systems needs to be monitored by the maintenance department.

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